Stand Out Like a Shell on the Beach

Strolling along a white sandy beach on a working vacation with my teenage daughter in the Bahamas this week, we spent our mornings searching for shells. (Okay, she kept her eyes open for cute guys, too, but that’s another matter.) You know how it goes. First…

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Are You an Authentic Presenter?

Experienced an authentic, impactful moment recently? Two families witnessed one this past weekend when my son, Spencer, proposed to his soul mate, Christine. Allow me to explain the bus and how it relates to your leadership. Spencer and Christine rode the bus together…

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Presentation Rock Stars – Schuyler St. Leger

Pint-sized presenter Schuyler St. Leger nailed it. At the age of 10, he’s already mastering audience-centered speaking. How Schuyler rocked the audience – (and you can, too) He nailed the power pause, deftly using silence after his major points to let his…

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In-flight Influence?

When you hear “flight” and “fateful seat” in the same sentence, what comes to mind? An accident, perhaps? Allow me to explain. My recent adventure started in New York, where I boarded a Continental flight for Texas to deliver a Talk Less, Say…

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She Influenced a Discerning Audience

I recently intereviewed Dr. Condoleezza Rice in front of a live audience gathered for a book signing of her newly-released memoir, “Extraordinary, Ordinary People.” The former Secretary of State exceeded my high expectations during her public speaking…

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Fired for Poor Public Speaking?

Donald Trump is my new wingman. Alright, I’ll be his wingman since he’s a lot richer than I am. Let me explain. While channel surfing last night, I came upon The Apprentice on NBC. I was intrigued because just as I tuned in, one of the contestants was…

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Witness LeBron’s Deceptive Body Language

LeBron James and Dan Gilbert both damaged their global presence with their communications this week. LeBron’s theatrics were a narcissistic nightmare. Gilbert’s knee-jerk open letter was widely interpreted as an example of a sore loser. At least…

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Witness the “Opportunity Communicator”

We are all witnesses, indeed. We’re all sick of witnessing the LeBron-aThon. Many of you are upset at the athlete, thinking his “The Decision” announcement show on ESPN is the height of inflated egomania. But let’s turn to LeBron’s…

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