Here’s a thoroughly unexpected, powerful lesson in how to be more influential. Ever fumbled around learning how to use a gadget – and taught the world an important life lesson in the process?

Probably not. But that’s what Bruce and Ester Huffman did.

Watch these grandparents as they try to figure out how to activate their brand spanking new web cam. Their granddaughter posted their adventure on YouTube and it went viral. Prior to this, the happy Huffmans had never even heard of YouTube.

Most people think the dynamic duo’s video is merely comical. But the executive coach in me sees a lesson that could set you free and change how you interact with others.

Bruce and Ester accidentally schooled us in a highly influential communication skill: the magnetic power of authenticity. They reveal themselves, burps and all. That’s why you’ll love them. As you watch this clip, I’m asking you to ponder what I’ve taken to heart: revealing a bit more of your true self will draw people to you, too.

You’ll resonate. And that’s as real as it gets. Why not use this example to activate your influence, like Bruce and Ester?

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