Influencing Your Team’s Culture

As a leader, you shape the culture of your team. You have the opportunity – and responsibility – to transform a collection of individuals into a high-performing group. As much as you may want to, you know that you can’t mandate teamwork. Plotters and schemers can…

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The Swig Heard ‘Round the World

Senator Marco Rubio chugged a tiny bottle of water during his State of the Union Republic response and instantly became comic fodder. In a swig heard ’round the world, he demonstrated why every executive must learn how to effectively communicate when…

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Influencer of the Week: Your Voice

In a week that’s featured the return of Adele’s powerfully emotional voice, the silencing of Whitney Houston’s soaring vocals, and the imminent finale of Glen Campbell’s crooning to Alzheimer’s disease, I feel compelled to share this this…

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The Magnetic Power of Being Real

Here’s a thoroughly unexpected, powerful lesson in how to be more influential. Ever fumbled around learning how to use a gadget – and taught the world an important life lesson in the process? Probably not. But that’s what Bruce and Ester Huffman did….

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Do You Resonate?

You’ve been tapped to give a presentation. Quick – what are you feeling? Has a sense of dread washed over you? Of course. You’re tasked with creating a slide deck, which can swallow hours of your time. Perhaps you’d prefer a root canal –…

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Presentation Rock Star – Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander says his job is to awaken the possibilities in others. He’s a motivational speaker. And, oh, yes – he’s also the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. When Zander perches on the conductor’s podium, he shapes the sound of the…

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