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Accelerate your leadership influence with executive coaching, courses, and keynotes with Connie Dieken.

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The leading voice in leadership influence worldwide, Connie Dieken leverages her scientific insights and unparalleled experiences to help you elevate initiatives, unify your stakeholders, and shape transformative change.

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World-Class Coaching and Advisory Services

Coaching and Advisory Services

Transformative Insights. Real Results.

You need to influence positive results at record speed in today’s world, despite rising resistance and lowered loyalty. Connie is your secret weapon to break through and fuel profitable, sustainable growth without delay.

As your executive advisor or coach, Connie provides straightforward, pragmatic strategies to gain unwavering commitment from your key stakeholders.

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Leadership Development Courses

Accelerate your leadership skills on your own schedule with Connie’s comprehensive courses. These compelling, insightful courses are available for enterprise-wide learning or as self-paced online courses for individuals.

Master Connie’s core Influence Cycle® toolkit and learn how to Connect, Convey, Convince® under any conditions and shape the future of your initiatives.

Discover Connie’s proven Present to Win® model to Define, Develop, Deliver® your virtual (and in-person) pitches and presentations to influence positive results.

Leverage Connie’s Presence Project® research to fast-track your gravitas as an unmistakably trusted, respected, well-balanced leadership presence.

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Connie's World-Class Courses are Game-Changers

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Keynote Speaking

Connie keynotes in-person and virtual events with her unique combination of personal warmth and pragmatic, research-backed content. She inspires audiences to influence with integrity and shape the future, regardless of position or power.

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Want an immediate game-changer? Connie’s research firm, The Influence Lab, developed a tool to help you identify your key performance indicators of leadership influence. Backed by 20+ years of research, Influence360º is a certified psychometric assessment that provides you personalized, data-backed insights to modify your style and elevate your leadership influence.

Discover where you stand with Influence360º today. It’s free!