You Can’t Influence a World That No Longer Exists

The boardroom drama at OpenAI this week revealed a universal truth: you can’t influence a world that no longer exists. The board who fired founder Sam Altman was fighting for the last vestiges of the old era of AI—the non-profit version they sought to protect from the forces of capitalism.

It’s now crystal clear who won.

Much has changed since 2015 when OpenAI started as a non-profit. The governance got convoluted when they permitted Altman to start a for-profit arm to pull in billions in funding. That’s how OpenAI went mainstream with ChatGPT as its first product.

So it’s out with the old board… and in with the new. The CEO returns, triumphant, ushered back to power by a workforce who united behind him.

A lesson here? Leadership influence is a continuous process. As situations evolve, explore what’s ahead of you instead of clinging to the way things were.

You simply can’t influence a world that no longer exists.

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