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‘Just be yourself’ is inadequate advice

“Just be yourself.” As a piece of advice, it’s common—even clichéd. But it’s far more demanding than it sounds, isn’t it? Every day, you’re flooded with stories and images of people whose personal qualities you may admire and want to emulate. Haven’t you…

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Influencing Your Team’s Culture

As a leader, you shape the culture of your team. You have the opportunity – and responsibility – to transform a collection of individuals into a high-performing group. As much as you may want to, you know that you can’t mandate teamwork. Plotters and schemers can…

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The Swig Heard ‘Round the World

Senator Marco Rubio chugged a tiny bottle of water during his State of the Union Republic response and instantly became comic fodder. In a swig heard ’round the world, he demonstrated why every executive must learn how to effectively communicate when…

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Influencer of the Week: Your Voice

In a week that’s featured the return of Adele’s powerfully emotional voice, the silencing of Whitney Houston’s soaring vocals, and the imminent finale of Glen Campbell’s crooning to Alzheimer’s disease, I feel compelled to share this this…

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The Magnetic Power of Being Real

Here’s a thoroughly unexpected, powerful lesson in how to be more influential. Ever fumbled around learning how to use a gadget – and taught the world an important life lesson in the process? Probably not. But that’s what Bruce and Ester Huffman did….

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Do You Resonate?

You’ve been tapped to give a presentation. Quick – what are you feeling? Has a sense of dread washed over you? Of course. You’re tasked with creating a slide deck, which can swallow hours of your time. Perhaps you’d prefer a root canal –…

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