The Digital Army

A digital transformation strategy is a game-changer for modern leadership influence. Do you have one yet?

Let’s take a cue from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who appointed a Digital Transformation Team in 2019. 

Zelensky’s team is a squad of marketers, social media experts, and computer programmers. Their initial objective was to boost Ukraine’s tech industry and digitize government services. Obsessed with speed, the team quickly rolled out electronic passports and other 21st century tools to modernize the economy.

Then the war broke out, expanding their scope.

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Team quickly morphed into a Digital Army, leveraging the power of the internet to save the country. Their new role revealed a lesson for how and why every organization can deploy a Digital Transformation Team to accelerate progress, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The group channeled their know-how and nimbleness to galvanize support and gain commitment. They influenced the world’s leading companies to sever ties with Russia at miraculous speed. They prompted social media giants to restrict their services in Russia. They secured a truckload of satellite dishes from Elon Musk. They saved countless lives with a new Air Raid Alert app. 
My point is this: Now is the time to accelerate your digital transformation. A digital strategy is essential to modern leadership influence. Your army may be internal with a goal of narrowing the gap between your IT and marketing teams to speed up sales. It may be external to quickly galvanize your allies, customers, and public support.

But do something. Lagging behind with your digital strategy is not an option. Your future depends on it.

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