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When you’re a true influencer, you have the ability to transform minds, behaviors, and outcomes.  Connie will help you be the influential presence you’re meant to be so that people respect your opinions, trust your judgment, and listen for your voice above all others. 

Connie is the president of The Dieken Group, a strategic advisory firm to C-suite executives on five continents. She guides leaders to their highest performance.

She’s also the founder of Influence360˚™, the first and only validated influence instrument  to help leaders become strong influencers, regardless of the conditions.

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Influencing with Integrity is in His Blood

I'm pro-influence and anti-manipulation. If you are, too, your heart will warm as you read the story of 26-year old Tyler Schultz. Tyler voiced his concerns about troubling practices at blood-testing start-up Theranos. So far, it has cost him (and his parents)...

Whacking the CEO: The Bold New Moves Between the C-Suite and the Board

The CEO firing was direct and dismissive. Barnes & Noble didn't stick to the bland yet reliable “we’re moving in a different direction” script when it booted Chief Executive Officer Ron Boire. They didn’t give him a gentle heave-ho with the old standby “he’s stepping...

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