Leaders: When your accountant walks the runway, run the other direction

In hindsight, the bedazzled briefcases signaled the debacle ahead. Let's set aside the Best Picture envelope nestled inside that caused the ruckus. The topsy-turvy spectacle was triggered by these black attachès—adorned with the golden logos of the Oscars and PriceWaterhouseCooper. These swag-clad beauties were designed to draw attention to the power couple as the accounting partners sashayed down the red carpet. And therein lies the root cause of the problem. When your accountant walks the runway, leaders should run the other direction.

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Influencing with Integrity is in His Blood

I am pro-influence and anti-manipulation. If you are, too, I hope you'll stand up and cheer for Tyler Schultz as you read his story. Tyler voiced his concerns about troubling practices at blood-testing start-up Theranos. So far, it has cost the now 26-year old (and his parents) $400,000 in legal fees and his once-close bond with his famous grandfather. He's living proof that influencing with integrity trumps manipulation.

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Talk Less, Tweet More

@ConnieDieken: FT Person of the Year: Susan Fowler ft.com/content/b4bc2a… via @FT