Rumor is the most effective communication

Repeat after me: "I won't spread what I've heard before confirming it." Say it loudly, three times, please. Then implement. As a young journalist, my news directors drilled into me the responsibility of accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. They made all of us reporters confirm information with three sources before we were allowed to broadcast it on TV. There was hell to pay if we aired a lie. Lives were damaged. Lawyers were called. Heads rolled. Here's the rub: everyone is a broadcaster today. Yet our social media accounts don't come with ethics training. We are not required to check sources or accuracy before we spread a fire hose of misinformation through Twitter, Facebook or any other format.

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Losing it Live: Michael Bay’s Meltdown

You can now witness your worst nightmare if you deliver presentations: embarrassing yourself on stage. In this case, it happened to famed film director Michael Bay – ironically, a man who directs others to deliver their best performances on camera. After an introduction exalting his superhuman status, Bay strode on stage at a Samsung event in Las Vegas. His role? Simple. To promote the company's new curved TV by reading a few prepared lines from a teleprompter. Instead, he threw everyone a curve ball by reading the wrong lines. Bay blew it and he knew it. Humiliated by his faux pas, he fled from the stage. Awkward, right?

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Talk Less, Tweet More

@ConnieDieken: Offer a difficult person options.

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