How to Influence a Narcissist: Share Credit (Part 4 of 5)

Ever had a narcissist take credit for your idea or accomplishment? Narcissists are masters at twisting reality to suit their needs. Why do they do this? First, they crave praise and admiration. Brazenly stealing credit for your work is their shortcut to status and glory. But the second, more crucial reason is that they lack […]

How to Influence a Narcissist (Post 3 of 5)

Narcissists love drama. They take great pleasure in publicly dissecting a problem over … and over … and over again. They can easily hijack your discussion as they wallow and waste precious time reveling in the chaos. To influence a narcissist, don’t let them linger at the problem stage. Instead, redirect their energy. Define the […]

3 More Ways to Spot a Narcissist (2 of 3)

Continuing my series on influencing difficult people…. It starts with identifying WHY you’re unable to change someone’s mind. And narcissists are notoriously obstinate. You’re not alone if you have this issue. The C-Suite executives I coach face narcissistic key stakeholders in positions of power every day. My previous post listed the first 3 reasons why […]

How to Spot a Narcissist (Part 1 of 3)

After delivering a recent keynote speech, an audience member approached me and said, “Thank you for sharing your research on how to influence a narcissist! I have one in my life!” Which reminded me that I haven’t posted about narcissism for a while, even though I spend a great deal of time advising senior leaders […]