Presentation Rock Stars – Schuyler St. Leger

How Schuyler rocked the audience – (and you can, too)

Pint-sized presenter Schuyler St. Leger nailed it. At the age of 10, he’s already mastering audience-centered speaking.

  1. He nailed the power pause, deftly using silence after his major points to let his words sink in before moving to his next tidbit.
  2. He was Diana Ross, letting the slides work as his Supremes. The slides didn’t eclipse his presence – they acted as the equivalent of his back-up singers.
  3. His slides were visual – not laden with text. They helped the audience process his points, rather than bogging them down with TMI.

Kudos, kid. Your delivery and poise at this Ignite Phoenix event is inspiring. My only question is this: Is that your mother, cheering hysterically in front of the camera – or do you have that effect on all the ladies?

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