Presentation Rock Star – Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander says his job is to awaken the possibilities in others. He’s a motivational speaker. And, oh, yes – he’s also the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.

When Zander perches on the conductor’s podium, he shapes the sound of the classical ensemble. But as a leadership keynote speaker, I assure you this maestro rocks an audience. I encourage you to watch the following short video as Zander brings an audience first to tears, and then to its feet. If you’re short on time, skip to my coaching notes below where I dissect his magic and share a few actionable tips to help you rock your presentations like Benjamin Zander.

Tips to Help You Rock an Audience Like Zander:

  1. Drive your audience from Point A to Point B. Zander laid out the audience’s destination before he took them on a ride. His goal was to ensure that everyone came to appreciate classical music. You can do that, too, by carefully developing your speech with the end in mind. Influential presenters take audiences on a pre-planned journey instead of merely delivering a speech.
  2. Close the physical gap. The maestro jumped off stage and bounded into the audience a few times when felt called to create intimate moments. Follow your instincts. If you sense the audience needs a jolt of electricity, dare to move closer. The key is to do it strategically. Return to your home base spot after a brief, purposeful interlude – don’t wear out your welcome by staying in the audience too long. Leave ’em wanting more of you.
  3. Are their eyes shining? A seasoned leadership expert, Zander unveils a secret at the end of his presentation: You know you’ve reached people when their eyes are shining. How does he do it? He creates an exceptional audience experience by speaking from both his heart and his head. I challenge you to do the same, no matter what your topic. Be an open, servant presenter and your audience will reward you with shining eyes.

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