I’m pro-influence and anti-manipulation. If you are, too, your heart will warm as you read the story of 26-year old Tyler Schultz. Tyler voiced his concerns about troubling practices at blood-testing start-up Theranos. So far, it has cost him (and his parents) $400,000 in legal fees and his once-close bond with his famous grandfather.

This story, reported by John Carryrou of the Wall Street Journal is exceptionally revealing—and far from over. Here’s a taste:

“Fraud is not a trade secret. I refuse to allow bullying, intimidation, and threat of legal action to take away my First Amendment right to speak out against wrongdoing.”
—Tyler Shultz to the WJS about his ordeal after quitting his job at Theranos.

Kudos to both Tyler and John. This story is living proof that influencing with integrity trumps manipulation. Integrity is alive and well in our young professionals.


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