Who Influenced You?

If you’re lucky, your life is transformed by an influential teacher. For me, that was Richard “Dick” Yoakam, legendary professor of broadcast journalism at Indiana University. He pioneered the curriculum, designed the TV studio, foresaw the evolution of broadcasting, and taught us to strive to be thoughtful, well-rounded, ethical journalists and leaders. I’m so grateful.  Yoakam’s leadership […]

Change The Game

Today’s top leaders must transform organizations at record speed. The pandemic transported us to the future and our stakeholders are restless. Whether you’re leading a digital transformation, a cultural transformation, an ESG transformation, or any other kind—the future is here. Influential leaders don’t play the game. They CHANGE the game. It’s now or never. #change #transformation #digitaltransformation #leaders #future #influence #executivecoaching #keynotespeaker #talentdevelopment

Vegas, Baby!

Vegas is officially bouncing back as a convention city. I just keynoted a conference for a global leadership team on how to “Influence Positive Change in a Disrupted World” here in Vegas. What I noticed is that leadership and sales meetings are happening at nearly every property up and down the strip, including the conference […]

Words Don’t Do It

Every leader who’s influenced change has embraced this truth: your words alone won’t shape the future. Words spark emotions, but only your actions have the power to earn commitment and influence positive change. “They hear what you say, but they see what you do.” #influence #change #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #executivecoaching #MLK #keynotespeaker

The Modern Leader’s Mindset

You can’t influence a world that no longer exists. To be a game-changer in a changed world, you must have the modern leader mindset of “I am a modern leader in a transformed world.” You can’t wait for things to return to ‘normal.’ Because they won’t. Your age doesn’t matter. Your comfort level with technology […]

Did You Hear That?

Most of us think we’re good listeners. But are we? It depends on how you define listening. Waiting your turn to talk is not listening. Here’s the game changer: Listening is the desire to hear. That’s how we define listening at The Influence Lab. Our research found that an unwillingness to listen with an open […]

Influence Starts Within

A leader’s ultimate responsibility is to change things for the better. But influence starts within. The first person to influence is YOU. If you want to influence transformative change, be certain to identify and pinpoint your perspective. If you’re not influenced deep in your gut that this change is necessary, why should anyone else follow […]

Simplify To Amplify

Looking to influence in a presentation or other high-profile business message? Simplify to amplify.That doesn’t mean dumbing down your messages. It’s quite the contrary— influential messages begin with strategic reverse-engineering. Here’s how to do that: Identify the specific action you want to influence. Pinpoint the values that drive your audience’s decision. Then connect the dots […]

Stand For Something

What do transformative leaders do when faced with an existential moment? They unify. They clarify. They stand for something bigger than themselves Game-changers aren’t fueled by narcissism, corrosive politics, or wet-finger-to-the-wind opportunism. They stand for something. Faced with a soulless, unhinged, megalomaniacal dominator, Ukrainian President Zelensky embodies leadership influence and executive presence. He’s standing tall […]

Who Says Bookstores are Dying?

Two business authors walk into the largest bookstore in Dubai…7,000 miles from home….and immediately start looking for our friends’ books! The Kinokuniya Bookstore at the Dubai Mall stocks half a million books in a massive 68,000 square feet space. While other bookstores are scaling back or closing, this one is thriving. On our scavenger hunt, Marshall […]