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Are you ready to evaluate your ability to influence? Influence 360° is a statistically validated assessment tool that measures influence patterns.

Leveraging 20+ years of research at The Influence Lab®, Connie developed Influence 360º with the backing of a team of psychologists and sociologists.

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Influence 360° provides transformative insights for high-performing teams around the world.

During keynotes and master classes, Connie uses heatmaps and histograms to aggregate your team members’ results to bring them to life. These tools reveal how your team (or your entire organization) can leverage the strengths each person brings and the challenges you’re likely to face as a result.

Discover how to build your team’s influence.

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Influence 360° helps you identify the key performance indicators of your leadership influence. You’ll gain unique insights to help you improve your ability to influence stakeholders in all directions—whether they’re board members, team members, associates, customers, investors, suppliers, analysts, or any others. All by answering a few questions.

Discover where you stand with Influence 360° today. It’s free!

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Talk Less, Say More and Become the Real Deal condense Connie’s distinctive knowledge, meticulous research, and global coaching experiences into fast-paced leadership guides on influence and executive presence.

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