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Connie's influence reverberates around the globe

“I thank Connie Dieken for her sound advice on leadership and inspiring all of my fellow Zainers. It is time to make the change to champion gender diversity in the Middle East.”

— Bader Al-Kharafi, Vice-Chairman and CEO, Zain Group

Winner, NAWBO Top 10 Women Business Owners by the National Association of Women Business Owners 



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Your Presence on Camera – Why You Should Care

You're at an event. Perhaps it's an industry conference, an NBA basketball game, or even a Tonight Show taping. The action is happening right before your eyes. Quick: where are your eyes? If you're like most people, you're gaze is fixated on the screen where a camera...

The Influential Inbox

QUESTION: I communicate a lot of information to a lot of people by sending out regular emails. I spend a lot of time writing descriptions of what is happening and what they are supposed to do about certain situations. Nobody ever seems to read them – or if they do,...

Rumor is the most effective communication

Repeat after me: "I won't spread what I've heard before confirming it." Say it loudly, three times, please. Then implement. As a young journalist, my professors and news directors drilled into me the responsibility of accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. They made all of us...

Losing it Live: Michael Bay’s Meltdown

You can now witness your worst nightmare if you deliver presentations: embarrassing yourself on stage. In this case, it happened to famed film director Michael Bay – ironically, a man who directs others to deliver their best performances on camera. After an...

What Influence Lists Get Wrong

GQ has released its list of the "25 Least Influential People." Here's the problem: The list measures the wrong thing. Before you say, "Lighten up, Connie," please consider that I get it. I've spent the past decade as an executive coach, but my previous career was in –...

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