Connie Dieken

Why Connie

  • Senior Executive Advisor
  • Founder, Influence360™
  • Emmy® Award Winning Journalist

Connie is the founder of The Dieken Group–an executive coaching and consulting firm that advises CEOs and other senior leaders in the spotlight. Connie helps these leaders deliver influential messages in high-pressure situations.

Her clients are leaders in some of the world's best-known organizations including Apple, HP, Nestle, and The Cleveland Clinic.

Connie developed her unique skills during her twenty years as a TV journalist for ABC and NBC. She received five Emmy Awards®, two Telly Awards, and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.®

Radio & TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame Inductee

Five-Time Emmy Award Winner in Broadcast Journalism

NAWBO Top Ten Women Business Owners Honoree

Connie Dieken

Who Listens to Connie

Top brands count on Connie’s insights on influential leadership to spark growth in changing times.

Connie Dieken

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“We have now had Connie speak 4 times to different audiences and every single time she has been outstanding. She takes the time to understand the messaging and audience and is first class.”

Sandy Pizzarusso, Director of Event Management, Fiserv.

Connie Dieken

How to Work With Connie


You’ll get a customized keynote. Connie spends a lot of time getting to know your group’s needs and ideal outcomes long before she ever takes the stage.


Group Programs

No cookie cutter programs here. Connie designs customized programs that deliver exactly what you need to develop your people and reach your group’s goals.


Coaching + Consulting

Connie guides senior leaders at the world’s top brands. She’ll advise you on how to build and maintain an influential presence and culture in your rapidly evolving world.

Connie Dieken
Working With Connie


Your audience will be immersed in an interactive experience as Connie dives in with her unique message, razor-sharp intellect, and approachable personality.

Every program is customized to reach your goals. Your path to influence can include a mix of communication, presence, presentations, and/or managing difficult people and change.

“Wow! Connie was an incredible hit at our Symposium. She is the real deal and an outstanding presenter who brings her research to life. We’ll book her again!”

Susie Sadler, Senior Director, Oxford Women

Speaking Topics

  • Leading in the Spotlight
  • True Influence
  • Present to Win
Connie Dieken
Working With Connie

Group Programs


You decide the length—anywhere from a two-hour master class to a week-long executive meeting. The more time you carve out, the deeper you’re immersed in how to influence your world.


We don’t push products. But Connie has best-selling books, award-winning workbooks, engaging videos, Influence Maps, Presence Builders, and anything you need to create lasting growth.


Every program is customized to reach your goals. Your path to influence can include a mix of communication, presence, presentations, and/or managing difficult people and change.

Train the Trainer

Connie can’t be everywhere. That’s why she certifies trainers in your organization to facilitate her award-winning programs. She delivers the content in masterfully produced video modules.

Connie Dieken
Working With Connie

Most Popular Topics

Influence that Lasts

This program is deeply substantive, highly interactive, and entertaining. As the talk unfolds, your audience will discover:

  • The three habits we can all use to influence others
  • Why most of us overuse one habit, much to our detriment
  • Ways to balance our habits, so we become true influencers
  • How to influence even the most difficult people, like narcissists and the highly anxious
  • A simple, consistent methodology to use in both our business and personal lives

This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Talk Less, Say More.

Leading in the Spotlight

In this program, Connie shares what every senior executive must know to thrive as a high-profile leader. Senior leaders will discover how to:

  • Earn and sustain trust in a world that craves authenticity, yet demands perfection
  • Influence multiple stakeholders—each of whom interpret the same messages in different ways— to reduce resistance, improve clarity, and earn commitment
  • Own their leadership presence and align it with the organization’s strategies and values
  • Ensure their teams are equipped to make sound decisions

This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Become the Real Deal.

Present to Win

This groundbreaking program is a masterclass in how to influence audiences with integrity, so they willingly take action. Your audience will discover:

  • Identify your ideal outcome
  • Pinpoint how your audience makes decisions that align with your ideal outcome
  • Simplify those messages without dumbing them down
  • Uncover your audience’s root causes of resistance, so friction doesn’t cause setbacks
  • Determine knowledge gaps that can get in the way of decision-making
Connie Dieken
Working With Connie

Coaching + Consulting

Connie uses her unique experiences to advise senior leaders on how to develop and deliver influential messages. She helps drive growth in high-stakes interactions including:

  • Senior leadership transitions
  • M&A and culture-changing conditions
  • Analysts and investors meetings
  • Executive presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Media interviews

“We use Connie on a repeated basis because of her authenticity and ability to deliver actionable insights for senior leaders and large audiences alike. She’s a great partner to help us achieve our goals.”

Denise Herrick, VP, Talent Mgmt. Bank of the West

Connie Dieken
Connie Dieken