Keynotes by Connie Dieken

Leading in the Spotlight: What Every Senior Executive Must Know to Thrive as a High-Profile Leader.

Senior leaders are under a new type of pressure. It’s not good enough to just lead, you must be principled.

Leaders have to be aware of how their every word and move are scrutinized. Until recently, most leaders had time to think about how their actions might influence employees and the marketplace. Their comments could be thoroughly vetted prior to release. But that buffer is gone. Breathing space has vanished in the spotlight’s glare.

Today, a senior leader’s words travel in the blink of an eye. Even offhanded comments, internal messages, and personal moments get passed around in ways the leader never imagined. Outside the organization, thousands, even millions of people on social media judge the leader’s actions and intentions. Inside the organization, employees at all levels invoke the leader’s name as a means of advancing their own agendas, even when those agendas don’t align with the company’s values and strategies.

What a leader does—or doesn’t do—is easily magnified and misinterpreted.

Everything hangs in the balance: the valuation of the organization, the dynamics with the board of directors, people’s jobs, the ability to recruit and retain top talent, customer relationships, and the public’s perception—not to mention the leader’s legacy.

All senior leaders are now thrust into the spotlight, whether they want to be or not. A spotlight leader needs distinct skills not taught in business schools—skills that are every bit as important as any technical knowledge that a leader brings to their role.

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What you’ll get from this highly interactive keynote.

Connie shares the results of her ongoing 20 year, 20,000 person research study—called Influence360™—which uncovers the habits that lead to extraordinary influence. Senior leaders will discover how to:

  • Earn and sustain trust in a world that craves authenticity, yet demands perfection
  • Influence multiple stakeholders—each of whom may interpret the same message in different ways—to reduce resistance, improve clarity, and earn commitment
  • Own their leadership presence and align it with the organization’s strategies and values
  • Ensure their teams are equipped to make sound decisions
  • Identify and close the gaps between their intentions and the impact they have on others
  • Draw on deep confidence, even under the most challenging conditions.

Benefits and program options.

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Connie also shares insider stories from her experiences as a Fortune 500 CEO advisor and former broadcast journalist at ABC and NBC.

All participants leave with a personal action plan which they can use as a framework to powerfully lead in the spotlight.

Program formats.

Get the most from Connie’s keynotes. Leading the in Spotlight is available in a variety of formats.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Licensed Corporate Training Program
  • Half-day Master Class
  • Organizational Consulting
  • One-day Leadership Retreat

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