Keynotes by Connie Dieken

Influence 360: How to Change Minds and Outcomes for Positive Results that Last.

Learn how the most successful leaders influence their world. It’s the most powerful skill in your arsenal.

This is a talk on influence that’s unlike any other. It’s not about how to get what you want by manipulating others. It’s not about shallow, sneaky, short-term persuasion tactics that can blow up in your face and ruin relationships. Instead, this talk reveals a higher state that anyone can use to make their greatest contributions to the world: the state of Influence 360.

When you reach this level of influence, you have the ability to change minds, behavior, and outcomes for lasting results. You earn commitment, not mere compliance. People trust your judgment, respect your opinion, and seek you out for help on important decisions.

True influencers don’t play the game, they change the game… even when conditions are challenging, communication is collapsing, and people are difficult.

Influence 360 is based on Connie Dieken’s life’s work as a CEO advisor, journalist and researcher. For twenty years, Connie was a television journalist for ABC and NBC where she’d interview influential leaders including heads of state and CEOs. Intrigued by how they tried to influence decisions and outcomes, she began a research study on leadership influence that has been ongoing for twenty years and has had over 20,000 participants.

In the study, called Influence 360, she uncovered the three habits of Very Influential People (VIPs)—a pattern that has the ability to change people’s lives both at work and at home.

Collaborate with Connie to fine-tune this talk for your organization.

What you’ll get from this highly interactive keynote.

Connie’s Influence 360 talk is deeply substantive, highly interactive, and entertaining. As the talk unfolds, your audience will discover:

  • The three habits we can all use to influence others
  • Why most of us overuse one habit, much to our detriment
  • Ways to balance our habits, so we become true influencers
  • How to influence even the most difficult people, like narcissists and the highly anxious
  • A simple, consistent methodology to use in both our business and personal lives.

Benefits and program options.

Get the inside track.

Connie also shares insider stories from her experiences as a TV journalist and Fortune 500 CEO coach, which can help anyone reach top performance.

All participants leave with a personal action plan that they can use as a framework to influence with integrity. No manipulation required.

Program formats.

Get the most from Connie’s keynotes. Influence 360 is available in a variety of formats.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Licensed Corporate Training Program
  • Half-day Master Class
  • Organizational Consulting
  • One-day Leadership Retreat

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