Your audience will discover how to change minds, behaviors, and outcomes and become the influential presence they're meant to be.
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“We've Connie speak four times to different audiences and every single time she has been outstanding. She takes the time to understand the audience and is first class. I highly recommend her!!”

— Sandy Pizzarusso, Director of Event Management, Fiserv



“Connie was our keynote speaker at our Sales Rally and tailored our presentation just for us. She kept our restless sales professionals easily engaged, despite a 'late in the day' time slot. She’s just amazing!

— Kelly Myers, Senior Vice President of Sales, Sunrise Senior Living



“We use Connie because of her ability to connect, establish credibility with senior leaders, flex to the content we need, and share actionable insights. She is a great partner and helps us achieve our goals.”

— Denise Herrick, VP Talent Management Organizational Development, Bank of the West

Looking for a highly respected, engaging keynoter? Connie has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame® 

See why audiences (and meeting planners) love Connie Dieken

 Connie takes the time to thoroughly understand your organization, your program, and your ideal outcomes long before she takes the stage.  You’ll get a customized keynote that will guide your audience to take action.

Truly interactive experience: off-stage interactions with audiences.

Connie ensures audiences are energized with new skills and the ability to put their knowledge into action. She isn’t afraid to get off stage and spends a fair amount of time engaging with audience members directly.

No pre-canned talks: all keynotes customized to every organization.

Connie delivers an experience like no one else.  Whether you’re facing leadership, influence, organizational change, culture, diversity, or communication challenges, Connie will build a keynote that meets your needs.

Build a Completely Customized Keynote.

Your organization is unique—you deserve a unique keynote to engage your audience. When you book Connie Dieken, you aren’t getting someone who jumps on stage with a pre-canned speech. Connie gets to know your organization, your people, and your challenges and builds a program that meets your specific needs.

or Start with an Existing Topic

See why audiences love Connie Dieken.

What challenges & opportunities are you facing?

Getting to know you and your goals and building a bond is critical. Connie talks with you and others around you to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.

Leadership Change Culture Communication Influence Presence

We’ll create a dynamic, actionable keynote.

Connie builds a program specific to your challenges. Leadership growth begins with understanding and correcting behaviors that hinder our ability to influence situations around us.

Deliver a transformative experience.

Connie collaborates closely with each client to ensure the keynote meets their needs and goals. Her keynote delivery engages audiences, gets them energized, and gives them a fun experience.

Insights after the keynote.

After the keynote, Connie follows on to ensure the keynote met expectations and to deliver any additional insights after the talk has concluded to help each client drive forward momentum.

Backed by decades of research on thousands of executives.

All keynotes are backed by Influence360™, a first-of-its-kind study to scientifically research influence, validated by the Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado.

Influence360 is designed to understand the psychology behind influence, presence, and the habits that effect our ability to influence others. The study is backed by ongoing research and decades of work with thousands of executives.

Guaranteed to deliver actionable takeaways.

Ensure audiences get the most out of your event. Participants walk away with real-world skills that help them to:

  • Capture attention quickly;
  • Communicate effectively with candor in any situation;
  • Increase executive presence by enhancing natural abilities;
  • Command respect and earn trust;
  • Deliver any message with confidence and impact.

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