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Are you interested in booking Connie Dieken to speak at your next event?

See how Connie shows audiences the power that influence can play in their lives and improve their performance at work. Explore the message that Connie shares and the energy she inspires in audiences.

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Connie Dieken is the foremost keynote speaker, executive coach and business author on influence.


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Connie Dieken speaks at events worldwide, giving audiences not only a great talk, but actionable takeaways with the motivation to put it to practice.


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Whacking the CEO: The Bold New Moves Between the C-Suite and the Board

The CEO firing was direct and dismissive. Barnes & Noble didn't stick to the bland yet reliable “we’re moving in a different direction” script when it booted Chief Executive Officer Ron Boire. They didn’t give him a gentle heave-ho with the old standby “he’s stepping down to pursue different opportunities” tale. Instead, Barnes & Noble whacked their CEO in bold fashion. The core issue is trust. And trust is an endless dance.

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What Leaders Can Learn from Muhammad Ali’s Presence

His greatness — and crossover appeal — lived at the intersection of humanity, athleticism, and activism. Even in death, his presence is felt everywhere. Muhammad Ali was by far the most influential presence in sports. How did he shake up the world and rise from reviled to revered? And what can you do to build your own influential presence? Here are five lessons from Ali’s epic presence that you can use to maximize your own greatness:

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@ConnieDieken: Gain influence in your HR role. Looking forward to keynoting #NOHRC2017 @ClevelandSHRM #influence #SHRM #HR

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