by Connie Dieken

How to Be a Global Influencer (Even When Language is a Barrier)

I recently returned from South America where I had the opportunity to keynote a large business conference in Colombia. (If you haven't been to Colombia, it's a great adventure.) Imagine this challenge, though: I don't speak Spanish - and the audience of hundreds of business leaders didn't speak a word of English. The other experts who presented at the event - from Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia - were terrific and spoke Spanish, of course.

The language barrier could tank my presentation, right?

I humbly share that it didn't. Before my plane even touched down back on American soil, the meeting planner shared that I'd made a powerful connection with the audience and they invited me back to keynote their next event.

How in the world did this happen, you're wondering?

Increasingly, leaders like you are facing language barriers, both within your global organizations and in front of audiences in presentations. With that in mind, I'd like to share three quick lessons that I learned while preparing for my Colombian adventure in this brief video. I hope these tips will help you shine and make the most of your opportunity to connect, convey, and convince any audience!

Topics: Influence and Leadership :: Communication Skills