Presentation Coaching

Great leaders do more than present information, they influence and engage their audience

Presentation coaching is critical for any executive wanting to deliver impactful presentations that influence audiences to act. Great ideas and charismatic personality alone won't move people to action. You need the confidence in your message and the ability to engage with your audience to get the results you want.

Customized to Your Presentation, Your Message, Your Delivery

Each presentation coaching initiative is developed to compliment the communication coaching program. You'll learn and put to practice active listening and other communication techniques on audience and group dynamics, and to adapt to any situation to influence more people more frequently. Coaching is tailored to each presenter's strengths so you'll be able to successfully engage with the audience in your own words.

From Practice Runs to the Perfect Pitch

Connie's proven method takes you beyond experience alone, and helps you grow your presentation skills through evaluated experience. This approach will greatly improve your confidence, helping you adapt to any situation and ensure your messages stick.

When you're presentations connect with, convey to, and convince your audience, you'll influence people to positive action and get the results you want.


identify and hone presentation skills you already possess

Every engagement is customized to your specific style and abilities. We'll bring out and enhance your inherent strength.

  • Can you instantly CONNECT with others? If not, what's holding you back?
  • Do you CONVEY messages clearly? Or do you ramble and miss queues in others?
  • Can you CONVINCE anyone to act? Avoid missed opportunities; learn to always present to influence.

learn new strengths and build the skills you need to influence others

  • Appear relaxed and collected to convey knowledge and likeability
  • Learn to make all your messages sticky
  • Be comfortable in your own skin and play to your strengths
  • Organize and structure materials and reduce prep time
  • Learn to use visuals effectively
  • Adjust your energy level with your audience
  • Handle even the toughest Q&A sessions

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