Media Coaching

Great leaders look beyond the media exposure and towards influencing their audience

Media coaching programs from Emmy-award winning broadcaster Connie Dieken offer an inside look into the power and tricks of the media trade to prepare you to use the media effectively to influence your message and exposure. The media world is extremely fast paced and agenda-based, and the players are very savvy at getting the reactions they need.

Only executives armed with the triggers and strategies from insiders are usually able to navigate this territory effectively.

Connie prepares any executive to master any media exposure, whether it's to protect your brand and reputation, or to get media help in spreading your message. The media skills clients take away confidently guides leaders to connect with their true audience using the media as a conduit, and adapt to even the toughest of situations.


understand the media experience and bring it under your control

  • Understand the media agenda and accurately predict questions
  • Look past the camera and microphone to connect and influence your audience
  • Learn to think on your feet to bridge negative questions
  • Be prepared for the truth, see yourself as others do
  • Convey your message with confidence across all media, including Webinars

learn how preparation and practice can help you master any media exposure

  • Learn to edit yourself instead of letting the media edit you
  • Be prepared to avoid ill-prepared statements that cause disastrous results
  • Develop and practice your key messages
  • Appear relaxed, collected and likeable
  • Convey knowledge and credibility

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In hindsight, the bedazzled briefcases signaled the debacle ahead. Let's set aside the Best Picture envelope nestled inside that caused the ruckus. The topsy-turvy spectacle was triggered by these black attachès—adorned with the golden logos of the Oscars and PriceWaterhouseCooper. These swag-clad beauties were designed to draw attention to the power couple as the accounting partners sashayed down the red carpet. And therein lies the root cause of the problem. When your accountant walks the runway, leaders should run the other direction.

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