Communication Coaching

Great leaders know communication is more than making noise, we must influence others to act

Communication coaching and training efforts, for many leaders, is the most important skill in their leadership arsenal. Everyday, effective leaders are getting their message across and delivering positive impact to their peers and teams. And with technological breakthroughs changing how we communicate, many leaders have yet to evolve with the changes in people's behaviors, such as shorter attention spans and multiple distractions, competing for their time.

Resonate to Connect with People

Effective communication skills begins with connecting with people on their terms. Understanding how to recognize personality and behavioral cues will help you better connect and resonate with those you are communcating with. When you add in critical techniques such as active listening, you'll get the tools you need to make a lasting impact and people will take the action you want.

Customized to Your Needs and Weighted Towards Your Strengths

Connie Dieken's communication coaching program is designed to guide any leader to actively listen and interpret what they hear in order to respond with the appropriate message with the greatest impact.

The program is tailored to harness your own voice and energy so that you'll be able to successfully communicate with anyone, anywhere. When you learn these proven communication techniques, you'll go beyond communicating toward inspiring and influencing others around you.

Under Connie's proven methodology, Connect-Convey-Convince, becoming an influential communicator will unlock opportunities to do what we all want: inspire positive action in those around us.


identify and hone communication skills you already possess

Every engagement is customized to your specific style and abilities. We'll bring out and enhance your inherent strength.

  • Can you instantly CONNECT with others? If not, what's holding you back?
  • Do you CONVEY messages clearly? Or do you ramble and miss queues in others?
  • Can you CONVINCE anyone to act? Avoid missed opportunities; learn to always communicate to influence.

learn new strengths and build the skills you need to influence others

  • Witness positive responses to your leadership
  • Learn to instantly capture attention
  • Demonstrate powerful executive presence
  • Learn to speak succinctly and without confusion
  • Influence positive behavior and actions in others around you
  • Eliminate rambling and speak with purpose
  • Improve engagement through active listening
  • Learn when and how to be candid

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