A successful track record of proven results will elevate your leadership influence and presence.

“Connie Dieken is a true communication virtuoso and a genuine phenomenon. She’s on a mission to elevate our ability to communicate.”

— Robert Johnson, Managing Counsel, McDonald’s Corporation

“We bring Connie in because of her credibility with senior leaders, her ability to impart actional insights, and her authenticity. She’s a great partner and helps us achieve our goals.”

— Denise Herrick, VP, Talent Management, Bank of the West

“As an outcome of your coaching, we earned full support to move forward. Your guidance was instrumental in the most important presentation I have ever delivered. Thank you for the impact your work has created in my career.”

— Vinicius David, Sr. Director, HP

Connie is ranked among the Top 10                                 Executive Coaches worldwide

Get the Dieken Edge


Highly influential leaders around the globe trust Connie’s judgment and respect her guidance. She offers a proven set of skills, backed by decades of research.  Leaders get a big picture approach to help achieve top performance and results.  

Coaching, Consulting and Advisory Solutions

Drive growth through high-stakes interactions.

Learn to develop and deliver influential messages to unlock new paths for leadership growth despite the management challenge.

  • Senior leadership transitions
  • M&A and culture-change
  • Executive presentations
  • Media interviews and public speaking
  • Board, analyst, and investor interactions

Guaranteed to deliver actionable takeaways.

Deliver leadership and executive team programs that identify and produce measureable results by strategic initiative.

  • Succession planning
  • Crisis management (hint: prevention)
  • Organizational change
  • Corporate culture
  • Talent management

For leadership coaching to consulting engagements.

Connie’s Unique Value Proposition

Leadership coaching that focuses on knowing your behavior and the impact on others.

Connie specializes in helping leaders develop and improve their leadership abilities, building the influential abilities we all have within. Based on her proprietary Influence360® assessment tool, she identifies how you interact with others in a variety of situations and creates a personalized program to harness your natural ability to influence with integrity.

Connie is among the few leadership coaches who help clients achieve transformative growth and lasting skills to tackle today’s biggest organizational challenges.


Getting to know you and your goals and building a bond is critical. Connie talks with you and others around you to identify strengths and address opportunities for growth.


Connie builds a program specific to each client’s challenges. Leadership growth begins with understanding and correcting behaviors that hinder our ability to influence situations around us.



After the engagement, Connie gathers feedback and refines as necessary to ensure sustainable positive change and performance improvements are achieved.

Connie’s work gets results for her clients.

Connie will help build your influence and presence through the world’s only university-validated research study on influence. 

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