Talk Less, Say More

3 Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

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Top Communication Book of 2010 from Axiom Business Book Awards

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Attention spans are getting shorter every day. Are distracted, impatient people tuning you out before you can make your point?

This book solves the problem.

Talk Less, Say More is a revolutionary guide to 21st century communication skills to help you be more influential and make things happen in our distracted, attention-deficit world. It's full of specific tips and take-aways to ensure that you're fully heard, clearly understood, and ignite positive action in any business or social situation.

You'll achieve more with less. Less wordiness. Less tune-out. Less frustration. You'll gain more time. More positive outcomes. More rewarding relationships.

Whether you're a business leader, emerging leader, or salesperson, you need to persuade others to succeed. This book will get you there. It will help you cut through distractions, demands, and information overload to get real results.

Author Connie Dieken coaches leaders to communicate with purpose. She'll help you instantly gain more power and influence while spending less time being tuned out.

With this book's fast-paced, no-nonsense style, you'll discover Connie's Connect-Convey-Convince® methodology. These three powerfully simple habits will help you:

  • Connect with anyone to instantly capture their undivided attention
  • Convey and nail information without overloading or confusing
  • Convince anyone to take the action you want and feel good about it

Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. Talk Less, Say More will help you reach your A-game in interpersonal communication, giving you more power to change minds and inspire remarkable results – while talking less.

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Talk Less, Tweet More

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