The Process

A unique methodology proven effective by today's most successful leaders

The competitive landscape has changed dramatically in the last ten years. With technological advancements, we don't just conduct business in the office, but on the go. Work is faster paced, people are more distracted and impatient, decreasing the attention spans of everyone around us. And through all this, expectations for results have never been higher.

So, how do you get through this attention barrier and make your message stick?

Influence Your World: Connect-Convey-Convince

After years of research and experience, Connie Dieken has created a unique methodology proven with some of the most demanding and successful leaders today. Connie's method will teach you to:

  • CONNECT with anyone
    • Capture attention instantly
    • Demonstrate power and presence
  • CONVEY anything
    • Speak succinctly and with purpose
    • Eliminate rambling and avoid confusion
  • CONVINCE anyone
    • Influence the action you want
    • Empower and inspire others

By following Connie's Connect-Convey-Convince method, you'll learn the communication and leadership secrets her clients already know: when you are able to influence others, you improve your own communication and leadership performance, helping you attain and maintain greater levels of success.

Whacking the CEO: The Bold New Moves Between the C-Suite and the Board

The CEO firing was direct and dismissive. Barnes & Noble didn't stick to the bland yet reliable “we’re moving in a different direction” script when it booted Chief Executive Officer Ron Boire. They didn’t give him a gentle heave-ho with the old standby “he’s stepping down to pursue different opportunities” tale. Instead, Barnes & Noble whacked their CEO in bold fashion. The core issue is trust. And trust is an endless dance.

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What Leaders Can Learn from Muhammad Ali’s Presence

His greatness — and crossover appeal — lived at the intersection of humanity, athleticism, and activism. Even in death, his presence is felt everywhere. Muhammad Ali was by far the most influential presence in sports. How did he shake up the world and rise from reviled to revered? And what can you do to build your own influential presence? Here are five lessons from Ali’s epic presence that you can use to maximize your own greatness:

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Talk Less, Tweet More

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