Exclusive Podcast: Connie Interviews Russell Bishop

What if you could:

  • Overcome resistance and influence negative people who won’t budge?
  • Bypass those frustrating systems and roadblocks that give you headaches every day?

Would that make you a more influential leader?

I can picture you nodding like a bobble head doll.

That’s why I asked the incomparable executive coach Russell Bishop to share his secrets of influential leadership with you. In addition to his role as senior editor/columnist at the Huffington Post, he’s also launched five successful companies, co-created the wildly successful Getting Things Done program with David Allen and he just released a terrific new book that’s making a big splash called Workarounds That Work.

Russell combines heart and smart. He’s devoted his life to helping leaders like you make the impact you intend. In this Influential Leader Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • Why he says the first workaround is hiding in your mirror (gulp)
  • What Russell’s close friend Marshall Goldsmith told him that changed his behavior forever
  • How workarounds can improve your influence skills, especially in today’s economy

Listen HERE!

Russell’s book is a powerful resource for any leader wanting to boost their influence and productivity and find workarounds to the unexpected setbacks that can arise at work.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book here: http://amzn.to/e5TIK0

Or, if you want a sneak peek, you can grab a sample chapter here:http://www.workaroundsthatwork.com/