It’s Thanksgiving evening. You’re stuffed. Bloated. Lethargic. In a turkey coma.

Does this uncomfortable feeling remind you of anything? How about the last presentation you sat through? Or worse, the last one you delivered?

Most presentations are bloated. They’re stuffed with waaaay too much information which causes attendees to slip into presentation-induced comas. Every fact, figure, and statistic you uncovered made its way into your over-stuffed, text-laden slides, which left your audience feeling sluggish.

Ready to tackle presentation weight gain? Stop informing and start influencing.

Your job as a presenter is to share insights and analysis to help your audience make a decision and move forward. Over-informing is a toxic type of miscommunication. Don’t pass on every fact and figure you uncover as you research your topic. Instead, funnel it down into what matters most.

Why is this critical? Because over-stuffing a presentation leaves your audience confused and stuffed. And confused brains don’t take action. They shut down. Which requires even more meetings and presentations to clear up the mess and finally influence others to move forward.

So fight presentation bloat. Don’t pack on the pounds when you present. Think influence, not information. Your audience will thank you by taking quicker action.